Used Shipping Containers

We offer a wide range of second hand containers in many length sizes 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. All our used containers are sold in wind and watertight condition.

We offer different grades of used cargo containers depending on their age and state. Grade A containers a usually ex shipping line containers that have been used for less years and with minimal damage, usually used in the self-storage industry.

Usually second hand containers are sold in wind and watertight condition, which means that there are no holes in the container and the door seals are intact, firmly fixed to the door and do not leak. They normally come finished with its original paint and will not come with lock box fitted as standard.

If you want to re-use a second hand container as a shipping container, you will require a new CSC survey and certificate as they do not come CSC plated as standard. Contact us and we will arrange you used unit to be ready for shipping.

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Let us know what your intended use is going to be and we will select from our stock the most appropriate container for your proposed use. If you wish to, you can come to your nearest depot and view the container you are interested in buying, just contact us in advance to arrange a suitable day for you.

We can fit a lock box, repaint the container, get the unit CSC re-plated, ply line interior, insulate it, fit shelves, fit power and lighting, alternatively, our container conversions team can make a whole new container transformation for you to use as an office, a garden shed or your dreamed house extension.

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